Henri Guedon – Karma

( Martinique , 1975 , La Voix Du Globe )

posted on 06 / 03 / 2024

Following this former article, I wanted to share with you for today “Karma“, an outstanding blend of Cadence Soul Funk Latin Synth Jazz & Fusion influences, taken from the 3rd album recorded in 1975 by the mythical musician, painter, sculptor and ceramist Henri Guedon from Martinique, considered by most as the grandfather of modern music from French West Indies.

This album includes :

– Henri Guedon : Leader, Lead Vocals, Agogô, Cowbell, Kalimba, Spoons, Helicon, Skratjie, Percussion, Handclaps, Guimbarde, Bombo, Balafon ;

– Fabien Bannet : Backing Vocals, Guiro, Maracas, Claves ;

– Alain Delos : Congas, Percussion, Wood Block ;

– Claude Vamur : Percussion (Tambou Ka, Latigo), Drums, Timbales, Bongos ;

– Alfred Varasse : Percussion [Tiboi], Drums, Bata, Cowbell ;

– Michel Pacquit : Piano, Piano, Electric Piano (Fender Piano) ;

– Jacky Bernard : Synthesizer, Bass, Organ, Vibraphone ;

Pure dance floor heater here, hope you’ll like it – Enjoy !

Henri Guedon – Karma (Martinique, 1975, La Voix Du Globe)

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Have a nice Sunday, see you on next Wednesday for another musical (re)discovery !

Armand de Preseau

Henri Guedon – L'An Messe Minuit

( Martinique , 1970's , Magic'Tirelir Disques )

posted on 08 / 05 / 2020

Following this former post, I wanted to share with you for today another song from the Martinican musician & painter Henri Guedon, “L’An Messe Minuit“, an excellent Biguine Jazz track with Latin influences – Enjoy !

Henri Guedon – L’An Messe Minuit

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Have a nice day !

Armand de Preseau

Henri Guedon – Vulcano

( Martinique , 1974 , Epic )

posted on 30 / 06 / 2019

For today, I wanted to share with you “Vulcano“, my all time favourite West Indian Guaguanco track, taken from the legendary “Cosmozouk Percussion” album recorded in 1974 by the martinican musician & painter Henri Guedon.

That record never leaves my DJ bag, each track of this LP is a dancefloor burner – Enjoy !

Henri Guedon – Vulcano

You can also listen to this track on my Youtube channel here : https://youtu.be/nOvA6DuJots


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