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Henri Guedon Et Les Contesta – Bilongo (Martinique, 1972, Aux Ondes)

Following this former post, I wanted to share with you for today « Bilongo », an outstanding Tropical Guaguanco Salsa Latin track from the French West Indies (Martinique), taken from the first album of the legendary musician, painter, sculptor and ceramist Henri Guedon, considered as the grandfather of modern music from French Antilles, and backed by his band « La Contesta ».

This record came out in 1972 on the record label « Aux Ondes », subdivision of the mythical West Indian record company « Celini Disques » – Enjoy !

Henri Guedon Et Les Protesta – Bilongo

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Francisco – Biguine Lélé (Martinique, 1970s, Hit Parade)

Following to this post, I wanted to share with you for today “Biguine Lélé“, another great track from the Master Frantz-Charles “Francisco” Denis, an awesome blend of syncopated Biguine, Jazz, Creole and Latin influenced sound with awesome piano arrangements – Enjoy !

Francisco – Biguine Lélé 

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Francisco – Mamaille Lévé (Martinique, 1978, 3A Production)

Frantz-Charles “Francisco” Denis was a singer, piano player, composer, drummer and dancer born on the 9th of november 1932 in Saint-Pierre (Martinique).

He opened and owned several cabaret in the island (La Paillote, Le Shango, La Cabane Bambou, La Plantation..) in which he played with his bands such as “The Blue Star”, recorded several albums and singles and became one of the most important icons of the West Indies latin sound.

He died on the 19 April 2013.

The song presented here, “Mamaille Leve“, is a brillant example of the sound he created, a mixture of Biguine, Creole and Latin influenced sound, recorded in 1978 with awesome piano arangements – hope you’ll like it !

Francisco – Mamaille Leve

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