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Max Cilla – Balade Dans La Foret D’Ajoupa Bouillon (Martinique, 1981, Apia)

Following this former article, I wanted to share with you for today “Balade Dans La Foret D’Ajoupa“, an incredible bewitching Soul Jazz Folk track with deep percussions from Martinique (French West Indies), taken from the first LP from the legendary flutist & poet Max Cilla recorded in 1981 on the French label “Apia“.

Backing Max Cilla, this album features many mythical musicians :

Christian Bartouche : Bass ;

Marie-Jo Prajet : Congas, Percussion [Ti Bois] ;

Claude Vamur : Drums ;

Sully Cally : Percussion [Tambour Bel Air] ;

Michel Cilla ; Percussion [Tambour Di Bass] ;

Patrick Theodose : Percussion [Tambour Ka] ;

Eric Fleriag : Percussion [Ti Bois] ;

Georges-Edouard Nouel : Piano ;

Cherry on the cake : the cover is designed by another great Martinican legend : the musician & poet Joby Bernabe – Enjoy !

Max Cilla – Balade Dans La Foret D’Ajoupa Bouillon (Martinique, 1981, Apia)

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Barrel Coppet and Mister Lof – Rhum et Coutelas (Martinique, 1972, Hit Parade)

Anatole “Barrel” Coppet (a saxophone player) and Romuld “Mister” Lof (a singer) were two musicians from Martinique who used to play in the Antilles and in France from the 50’s.

They recorded several album together with great names of the French Caribbean Jazz scene back in the days (as Alain Jean-Marie, who play the piano on this album), and a few singles.

I decided to present you “Rhum et Coutelas”, a sweet jazzy biguine song taken from their first album recorded in 1972 on the great Hit Parade label – enjoy !

Barrel Coppet Mister Lof – Rhum et Coutelas

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