Henri Guedon Et Les Contesta – Van Van

( Martinique , 1970's , Disques Debs )

posted on 04 / 05 / 2022

Following to that former post, I wanted to share with you for today “Van Van”, a mind-blowing Afro Cuban Latin Salsa Funk Soul gem from the French West Indies (Martinique), recorded in the 70s on the legendary “Disques Debs” record label by “Henri Guedon“, the legendary musician, painter, sculptor and ceramist & master of the genre, backed here by his band “Les Contesta” – Enjoy !

Henri Guedon et les Contesta – Van Van (Martinique, 1970s, Disques Debs)

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Liber et Andoche Gentile – Amour d'Un Negre

( Guadeloupe , 1961 , Disques Debs )

posted on 08 / 12 / 2018

Firmin “Andoche” Gentille and Jean “Liber” Gentille were two brothers and musicians native of Guadeloupe, French West Indies.

They played in several bands in the 50s and the 60s, but released only one 4-tracks single together in the early 60s.

The song presented here, “Amour d’un Negre“, is a beautiful melancholic bolero with jazz influences that I wanted to make you rediscover – Enjoy !!

Liber et Andoche Gentile – Amour d’un Negre

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