Toni Frangieh & Setrak Sarkissian – Azef El Leyl (Lebanon, 1977, EMI Voix De L’Orient)

For today, I wanted to share with you “Azef El Leyl“, a magical psychedelic slow surf instrumental belly dance track recorded in the late 70s by the Lebanese duo Toni Frangieh & Setrak Sarkissian – Enjoy !

Toni Frangieh & Setrak Sarkissian – Azef El Leyl

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Have a nice Wednesday, see you on next Sunday for another musical (re)discovery !

Armand de Preseau

Wrinkar Experience – I Am A Natural Man (Nigeria, 1970s, EMI Nigeria)

For today, I wanted  to share with you “I Am A Natural Man“, an excellent psychedelic Afro Funk Rock Stormer from the Wrinkar Experience, one of my fave band of this genre, that was composed the nigerian Dan Ian(vocals and lead guitar) and the cameroonians Edjo’o Jacques Racine (bass & guitar) and Ginger Forcha (organ).

The band only existed six months from 1972 to 1973 before splitting up, & only released three singles produced by the mythical nigerian Odion Iruoje, including the hits “Fuel For Love” & “Soundway” – Enjoy !

Wrinkar Experience – I Am A Natural Man

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Have a nice Sunday !

Armand de Preseau

Elias Rahbani – Lover’s Lane (Lebanon, 1974, Parlophone Voix de L’Orient Series)

Elias Rahbani, from Lebanon, is the youngest of the three Rahbani Brothers, well known for their contribution to the Lebanese – and more, Oriental – music scene.
His two older brothers, Assi and Mansour Rahbani, also known as “The Rahbani Brothers” (which Elias wasn’t be part of) were composers and songwriters, famous for their work with the Lebanese Diva, Fairuz (who was the wife of Assi).
Elias composed of over 700 songs, both in Eastern and Western styles.

This album is the 2nd volume of his masterpiece, “Mosaic of The Orient“, considered by many as Elias best album, a very eclectic instrumental record, with some psychedelic organ and bouzouk parts, oriental jazz and hip hoppy beats.

The cover art is designed by Nabil Mourani, who designed my favourite Oriental record covers (remember Babylon Mood by Munir Bachir ? That was him also !).

I decided to share with you “Lover’s Lane“, a beautiful melancholic organ ballad with a little psychedelic touch – Enjoy !
Elias Rahbani – Lover’s Lane

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Have a nice sunday,

Armand de Preseau

Robert Maalouf – Ana Wil Leyl (Lebanon, 1986, EMI Voix de L’Orient)

Today, I wanted to share with you “Ana Wil Leyl“, a song by the Lebanese composer Robert Maalouf, with catchy drums and Oriental strings, high sample potential – Enjoy !!

Robert Maalouf – Ana Wil Leyl

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Tina – N’Goumbe (Gabon, 1976, Pathe-Marconi EMI)

Tina was a very obscure Gabonese singer who released an album and a single at the age of 18 years old in 1976, in the same vein of Myriam Makeba, Anne-Marie Nzie or Abeti.

I decided to make you discover “N’Goumbe“, a beautiful Folk track with melancholic guitar arrangements – Enjoy !

Tina – N’Goumbe

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Have a nice week,


ADP025 – Nigerian Afrodeapness (feat. SJOB, Ikengas, Etubom Rex Williams..)

Hi dear readers !
As promise last week, here comes the new selection I’ve prepared for your little ears !
A selection of 6 afrobeat tracks taken from 6 veeery hard to find Nigerian records, especially in this condition !
I know that for many people “Afrobeat” word is mainly connected with the work of Fela Kuti, so I wanted to make you discover other, and deeper artists – Hope you’ll enjoy this mix !
Armand de Preseau – Nigerian Afrodeapness
You can download the selection here !
See you soon, and don’t hesitate to leave some comments if you liked the selection !
Sincerely yours,

ADP005 – The Hygrades, The Funkees & Wrinkar experience : A Selection of Afro Rock & Funky 7 Inches from Nigeria

Hi everyone !
As promised, here comes a little summer selection of 10 funky / afro rock tracks taken from some seven inches of my personal collection.
These 7′, from famous Nigerian bands, were issued at the time on the Nigerian division of the well known English label EMI / HMV (remember the deaf dog ?) and are really hard to lay hands on, specially in this condition.

Armand de Preseau – A selection of Afro Rock & Funky Nigerian 7 inches

You can download this mix here, and listen to it near the beach or the pool, drinking a fruit cocktail.

(due to an imminent travel from the rainy Paris to the Southern France, i didn’t have the time to clean some of the records before recording the selection, so sorry for the dusty quality of some tracks !).

Tracklist :

1 – The Hygrades : In The Jungle (Vocal)
2 – The Funkees : Breaktrough
3 – Dan Satch & His Atomic Dance of Aba : Je nr’okan
4 – The Apostles : Your Bussiness
5 – The Ceejebs – Life In Cannan
6 – Founders 15 – Amen
7 – Danie Ian & His Spades : New Day
8 – Wrinkar Experience – I am a natural Man
9 – Mono Mono : Wake Up the Ded Onez
10 – Wrinkar Experience – Soundway

See you soon dear readers !
With love from the Southern France,