John Migan & l'Orchestre Sodo – Sodo - Mayewo

( Benin , 1980 , Sodogil Editions )

posted on 07 / 08 / 2022

Fort today, I wanted to share with you “Mayewo“, a dope uplifting Cosmic Afro Soul Disco Funk track with killer synth solo parts, taken from the only vinyl recorded, pressed & distributed in 1980 between Lagos (Nigeria), Abidjan (Ivory Coast) & London (UK) by the Beninese singer & drummer John Migan (who collaborated with many legendary African musicians such as Fela Anukulapo Kuti, Theophile “El Rego” Do Rego, Francis Lougah), before he became an evangelist in the Mid 80s.

Still active today today & very prolific in both domains, he continues to release religious music.

John Migan & l’Orchestre Sodo-Sodo – Mayewo

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Trio Bydoli – Lalia

( Ivory Coast , 1980 , Sodogil Editions )

posted on 13 / 07 / 2018

The “Tryo Bydoli” band was a composed of 3 Abidjan (Ivory Coast) based Congolese musicians : Lea Lignanzi, Domingo Salsero and Bhy Gao.

They released 2 very good and hard to find albums in the early 80s before splitting.

“Lalia”, the song presented here, is the last song of their first album, a deep Afro Psych Funk track with catchy horns and guitar parts – Enjoy !

Trio Bydoli – Lalia

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