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Plearn Promdan – Mor Sanae (Thailand, 1970s, ตราโคทอง)

For today, I wanted to share with you “Mor Sanae“, a bouncy Funky Luk Thung Freakbeat track from the Thai legendary musician Plearn Promdan (เพลิน พรหมแดน) with catchy horns and drum parts – Enjoy !

Plearn Promdan – Mor Sanae

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Have a nice Sunday, see you on next Wednesday for another musical (re)discovery !

Armand de Preseau

Piengpid Learvilai – Leum Chan Lean Rue (Thailand, 1960s, Super Star)

For today, I wanted to share with you “Leum Chan Lean Rue“, a Thai Funk / Luk Krung track recorded in the 60s by the singer Piengpid Learvilai, that would perfectly fit in the soundtrack of a Tarantino‘s movie – Enjoy !

You can also listen to it on my Youtube channel here : https://youtu.be/oJAMe4ZDpnc

Best regards,

Armand de Preseau

Louise Kennedy – Puyai Lee (Thailand, 1967, Self-Produced)

For today, I wanted to share with you “Puyai Lee“, a very popular surf & rockabilly song back in the Thaïland of the 60s, strongly influenced by the occidental Ye Ye musical movement.

Sung in Thai, this song is a sarcastical reflection of miscommunication between folks, villagers and government, level of language & the way to communicate with people – Enjoy !

Louise Kennedy – Puyai Lee

You can also listen to this track on my Youtube channel here : https://youtu.be/3Ph037g9mQ4

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Armand de Preseau

ADP027 – Thailand Grooves (Third Flight Into The Land Of Smiles)

Hi dear readers !
As promised, here is my new selection, 9 7inches brought back from my recent 2 weeks trip to Thailand ! Isan, Molam, Luk Thung and Folk Tunes, hope you’ll like this deep selection !
This is my Third Selection of Thai records, always the same pleasure, hope this is the same for you !
Armand de Preseau – Thailand Grooves

You can download the Selection here !

Sorry, no tracklist this time, hope you’ll understand why – But music doesn’t need a name to groove..

I will be back soon with a special selection !

Sincerely yours,


ADP012 – Luk Thung Fever – A Journey Into the Thai 60’s and 70’s Sound

Hi everyone !
It’s been a long time, right ?
Sincerely sorry, I was veeery busy, looking for new records for the next selections.. But now I’m back !
So let’s begin the February selections with some good 7 inches I brought back for my last travel to Thailand in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Andaman !
So, because it’s a first step for many of us into the Thai sound, I’ve prepared not one but to different mixes : the first is more funky and the second, more traditional (my favorite), represents more what was the Thai Sound at the time, with two main musical genre : Molam and Luk Thung – Enjoy !
Special Merci to Miles Cleret from Soundway Records and all the Zudrangma Team
Armand de Préseau – Luk Thung Fever (First part : Groovy Side)

Download here !
Tracklist :
1 – Sorry no info on this track (Label : State)
2 – Pornsuraphon Petchsitong – Chep Ching Chep Sai
3 – Piengpid Learvilai – Leum Chan Lean Rue
4 – Sorry no info on this track, but it would sounds familiar to you I think (Label : Double Rabbits)
5 – Daotai Mueangstrang – Klua Muetmuet
6 – Daotai Muangtrang – Rok Rak
7 – Chanpen Dennapa – Lam Toey Dai Lao Leaw
Armand de Préseau – Luk Thung Fever (Second part : Deep Side)

Download here !
Tracklist :
1 – Suphap Daoduangden – Nong Daeng Chai Mai Yen
2 – Porn Tawan – Tid Kiew Tiew Krung
3 – Noknoi Uraiporn – Satja Ying
4 – Sotsai Romphottong – Loi Krathong Siangrak
5 – Yenjit Porntavi – Yenjit Lam Teoy
6 – Sorry no info on this track (Label : Apples)
7 – Chutima Duangporn – Yam Rak Khao Klai
8 – Porn Burapa – Sakunka
9 – Pinsatha Wongsiri – Pattaron Ban Hao
10 – Kom Rak (sorry no other info on this track)
See you next week for a selection of Senegalese and Gambian Psych Tracks !!
Sincerely yours,