Tony Grey & The Super 7 – Yem Efe

( Nigeria , 1975 , EMI Nigeria )

posted on 07 / 09 / 2022

For today, I wanted to share with you “Yem Efe“, an awesome powerful Psychedelic Afro Rock Funk track with crazy fuzzy guitar parts & afrobeat flavors, taken from the 3rd album of the Nigerian musician & composer Tony Grey and backed by his “Super 7” band, issued in 1975 on the legendary label “EMI Nigeria” – Enjoy !

Tony Grey & The Super 7 – Yem Efe

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Admiral Dele Abiodun and his top Hitters Band – 1000 Miles

( Nigeria , 1982 , Adawa Super Records )

posted on 01 / 05 / 2017
Dele Abiodun is one of the most important figures of the Juju scene, a musical genre from Nigeria between Jazz, Highlife and Traditionnal music.
He was born in 1948 in Sobe (Nigeria), a town on the boundary between West and Mid-West Nigeria.
He made his first steps in music as a drummer in his school band, and studied music has a teenager in Accra (Ghana) at the Young Pioneer School of Music.
In 1970, he founded his band, Prince Admiral Dele Abiodun and His Top Hitters Band (influenced by musicians such as Cardinal Rex Lawson or I.K. Dairo), and recorded more than 20 albums from the 70’s to the 90’s.

He stills lives and performs in Nigeria today and he’s the president of Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria.

For today, I decided to presend you “1000 Miles”, an incredible track showing that Juju music can sometimes be as bouncing as Afrobeat does – Enjoy !

Admiral Dele Abiodun and his top Hitters Band – 1000 Miles
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