Mammane Sani Et Son Orgue – Tunan

( Niger , 1978 , Niger Ministry Of Culture )

posted on 18 / 05 / 2022

For today, I wanted to share with you “Tunan“, a bewitching dreamy Lo-Fi Afro Electro Synth Soul instrumental track taken from Mammane Sani Abdoulaye‘s first album, one of the greatest musicians of Niger & one of the pioneers of Electronic music in Africa.

Guitarist and singer, he discovered electronic music in 1974, when he was employed as a musician for the UNESCO.

One day, a delegate from Rwanda (here for one of the UNESCO meetings) brought along his Italian “Orlo” organ model. Mammane, captivated by the sound, convinced him to sell it.

This Organ was the first in Niger.

He recorded on it his first album of instrumental electronic songs in 1978, only released on a few tapes in coordination with the Minister of Culture.

He played over 30 years, and is still playing music today, recording albums and touring live.

Mammane Sani Et Son Orgue – Tunan

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