Ziskakan – Lontan Konm Komela

( La Reunion , 1989 , Ziskakan Self-released )

posted on 13 / 12 / 2020

For today, I wanted to share with you “Lontan Konm Koméla“, a beautiful deep maloya island jazz track taken from the fourth album from the very well known band Ziskakan from Reunion (french island in the Indian Ocean), founded in 1979 by the musician Gilbert Pounia, and still very musically active today – Enjoy !

Ziskakan – Lontan Konm Komela

You can also listen to this song on my Youtube Channel here : https://youtu.be/64EAIN8F_KQ

Have a nice Sunday, see you on next Wednesday for another musical (re)discovery !

Armand de Presau

Ziskakan – Bato Fou

( La Reunion , 1983 , Self-Released )

posted on 04 / 04 / 2020

For today, and following to this former post, I wanted to share with you “Bato Fou“, another splendid Maloya Jazz track from the band Ziskakan from Reunion island, in the Indian Ocean – Enjoy !

Ziskakan – Bato Fou

You can also listen to this song on my Youtube channel here : https://youtu.be/SkMnRi9_awA

If you like or are interested by discovering more music from Reunion island, you can listen & download here a 1h selection of Reunion music only, recorded last year !

Have a really nice saturday,

Armand de Preseau

Ziskakan – Ral Si Ton Koukoune

( La Reunion , 1981 , Editions Reunion Ocean Indien )

posted on 22 / 04 / 2017

Let’s travel to the Reunion Island, with a song from Ziskakan, a band founded in 1979 by Gilbert Pounia.

This very prolific band has released several album through the years, and is still touring today.

I decided to make you discover “Ral Si Ton Koukoune”, a track taken from the first album of the band.

Ziskakan – Ral Si Ton Koukoune

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