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Ziskakan – Bato Fou (La Réunion, 1983, Self-released)

For today, and following to this former post, I wanted to share with you “Bato Fou“, another splendid Maloya Jazz track from the band Ziskakan from Reunion island, in the Indian Ocean – Enjoy !

Ziskakan – Bato Fou

You can also listen to this song on my Youtube channel here : https://youtu.be/SkMnRi9_awA

If you like or are interested by discovering more music from Reunion island, you can listen & download here a 1h selection of Reunion music only, recorded last year !

Have a really nice saturday,

Armand de Preseau

Ziskakan – Ral Si Ton Koukoune (1981, La Reunion, Editions Reunion Ocean Indien)

Let’s travel to the Reunion Island, with a song from Ziskakan, a band founded in 1979 by Gilbert Pounia.

This very prolific band has released several album through the years, and is still touring today.

I decided to make you discover “Ral Si Ton Koukoune”, a track taken from the first album of the band.

Ziskakan – Ral Si Ton Koukoune