Orchestre Du Bawobab – Kelen Ati Len

( senegal , 1975 , Buur Records )

posted on 05 / 02 / 2023

Orchestre du Bawobab – Kelen Ati Len (Senegal, 1975, Buur records)

Following this previous post, I wanted to share with you for today “Kelen Ati Len“, an awesome Afro Soul Funk Jerk Mod track sung in Wolof (Senegalese langage) with killer breaks, taken from “Visages du Sénégal“, my favorite & one the hardest to find albums from the legendary Senegalese Band “Orchestre du Bawobab” (also known as “Orchestra Baobab” or “Orchestre Bawobab“) and recorded in 1975 on the mythical local label “Buur Records” (“King”, in Wolof langage) – Enjoy !

Orchestre du Bawobab – Kelen Ati Len

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Orchestre Du Bawobab – Saf Mana Dem

( Senegal , 1975 , Disques Buur Records )

posted on 10 / 04 / 2018

Today, I wanted to present you one of my favourite track from L’Orchestre du Bawobab (or L’Orchestre Baobab), a Senegalese Afro Cuban influenced musical combo that plays since the early 70s.

The musicians recorded dozen of albums and singles since the 70s, and are still active today and touring all over the world.

Saf Mana Dem” is a splendid example of the Afro Latin musical blend this band manage to create – Enjoy !

Orchestre du Bawobab – Saf Mana Dem

You can also listen to this song on my Youtube channel here : https://youtu.be/GQt4F0hf0xA

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