Mohamed Mazouni – La Madrague (Algeria, 1970s, Oasis Disques)

For today, I wanted to make you rediscover “La Madrague“, a beautiful melancholic song by one of the most prolific Algerian composer and singer, Mohamed Mazouni – Enjoy !

Mohamed Mazouni – La Madrague

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Ousmane – Takandaout (Morocco, 1976, Mawel)

Ousmane (“Lightning”) was a band from Morocco who used to play Amazighe (berber tribe from North Africa) Gnawa music in the 70s.

Really setter for the time, the band was composed of 6 members : Ammuri M’barek, Said Bijaaden, Said Butrufin, Belaid el-Akkaf, Tarik el-Maaroufi and Lyazed Qorfi.

They recorded two singles in 1976, toured all around the country and performed a concert in Paris (France) at the Olympia Concert Hall on the 5 of February 1977 (that was also recorded on vinyl).

They splitted in 1978.

I decided to make you (re)discover the track “Takandaout”, one of their hits, a deep psych track with beautiful vocals, splendid violins, catchy guitar riffs and haunted organ parts – Enjoy !

Ousmane – Takandaout

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