Wabiné – Sail On (Caribbean Islands, 1978, Wabiné Productions)

For today, I wanted to share with you “Sail On“, an awesome Tropical Disco-Lypso Funk track with sweets steel-drums parts from the Caribbean Islands, recorded in 1978 in New York by Trinidad island musicians – Perfect track to warm your rainy day, enjoy !

Wabiné – Sail On

You can also listen to this song on my Youtube channel here : https://youtu.be/kj4VrUEEwbE

Armand de Preseau

Derrick Harriott – Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys (Jamaica, 1982, Crystal D)

Great cover by Derrick Harriott (my favorite rocksteady artist) of this classic song from Eddy Grant and his Equals band !

Derrick Clinton Harriott, born on the 6 February 1939 in Jamaica, is a singer and record producer, who founded the famous Crystal records label.

This version sums up the Jamaican producing skills, mixing together disco, dub and roots music, and is for me a direct answer to the song Disco Devil, by Lee Perry.

Derrick Harriott – Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys

You can also listen to this track on my Youtube channel here : https://youtu.be/0BogOwfHNTw

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ADP024 – Funk’O’Lypso – A Journey Across The Funky Caribbean Islands (feat Frankie Zhivago, Shadow and others..)

Hi dear readers !
It’s been a long time without any selections – so don’t wait no longer, let’s travel this time to the Caribbean Islands for a 6 records flight, hope you’ll enjoy this mixture of island funk, Kaiso Disco and Bahamian soul tracks !
Armand de Preseau – Funk ‘ O ‘ Lypso
You can download the selection here !
Tracklist :
1 – The Crashers – Flight to Jamaïca
2 – Wabiné – Sail On
3 – Frankie Zhivago – All Around The World
4 – Disco Warriors – Cumbaya Disco
5 – Shadow – De Hardis
6 – Ed Watson and The Brass Circle – Let’s Get It On
All the best, sincerely yours and see you soon.