Baligh Hamdi – The Beloved Date (Egypt, 1970s, Les Artistes Arabes Associés)

For today, I wanted to share with you “The Beloved Date“, an incredible psychedelic surf belly dance track from the very well known Egyptian composer & genius Baligh Hamdi – Enjoy !

Baligh Hamdi – The Beloved Date

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Armand de Preseau

ADP030 – Orient In the Flesh (Feat. Omar Khorshid, Ziad and Elias Rahbani, Farid El Atrache, Omar El Shariyi, Ihsan Al Munzer, Hassan Abou Seoud… )

Hi dear readers !!
As promised (for a long time..), here comes my brand new selection !
 We’re traveling to Middle East this time, with several dope Belly Dances songs taken from Lebanese and Egyptian records of my collection !
Hope you’ll like it, don’t hesitate to leave some comments !!
Armand de Preseau – Orient In the Flesh

 You can download this new selection right here !

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