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Les Loups Noirs – 747 Biguine (Haïti, 1974, Mini Records)

For today, I wanted to share with you “747 Biguine“, a mad funky tropical Biguine Cadence Compas track recorded in 1974 by the very well known band “Les Loups Noirs” led by Gardner Lalanne from Haïti (West Indies), that is in fact an alternate version of their earlier hit “Jet Biguine“, more dancefloor oriented (and my favorite too !) – Enjoy !

Les Loups Noirs – 747 Biguine

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Have a nice Wednesday, see you on next Sunday for another musical (re)discovery !

Armand de Preseau

Les Leopards – D’Leau Coco (Martinique, 1972, Hit Parade)

For today, I wanted to share with you “D’Leau Coco“, a raw tropical tumbele biguine dancefloor burner from Martinique (French West Indies), written by the Martinican musician & singer Albert Nadeau & recorded by Nadeau’s band “Les Leopards” in 1972 onthe legendary local record label “Hit Parade” – Enjoy !

Les Leopards – D’Leau Coco

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Armand de Preseau

Armand de Preseau – Three Versions of “D’leau Coco” (Martinique / Guadeloupe / Cape Verde)

Hello my friends,
Today a special selection with three (yes, ONLY three !) songs, the original one and two covers of the famous tropical anthem “D’leau Coco”, written by Albert Nadeau, a member of the band “Les Leopards de St Pierre”.
This song was originally released in 1972 by the band “Les Leopards de St Pierre”, from La Martinique, a raw tumbele biguine track.
Les Leopards de Saint Pierre – D’leau Coco
It was covered a bit later by Georges Plonquitte and his band, from La Guadeloupe, with a cool Jazz feeling and some good piano solos.
Georges Plonquitte – D’leau Coco
The Os Apolos”, a Cape Verdian band, also covered this song, in a raw tropical way !
Os Apolos – D’leau Coco
Which one is your favourite ? Do you know other versions ?
All the best,

ADP015 – Bon baisers de Fort-de-France : A Selection of Fine Biguines and Jazzy Tracks From the French West Indies

Hi everyone !!!
It’s a reaaaal pleasure to be here with you after these 2 months !!!! Sincerely sorry for the delay, too much work (yes I have a job), and just the time for me to dig for my dear readers some records from all over the world : Zambian records, Ethiopian stuff, records from Turkey, Morrocco, Guyana..
So to celebrate the rebirth of this blog, I’ve prepared one (short) selection (yes, from now I will select only 6 records for each mix, to avoid a too long and boring stuff !) of Carribean Biguines and Jazzy tracks from several records taken from the 30’s to the 80’s – Enjoy the ride !
Next week we’ll travel to Mali,
Armand de Preseau – Bons Baisers  de Fort-de-France
You can download the selection here !
Sincerely yours,