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Les Leopards – D’Leau Coco (Martinique, 1972, Hit Parade)

For today, I wanted to share with you “D’Leau Coco“, a raw tropical tumbele biguine dancefloor burner from Martinique (French West Indies), written by the Martinican musician & singer Albert Nadeau & recorded by Nadeau’s band “Les Leopards” in 1972 onthe legendary local record label “Hit Parade” – Enjoy !

Les Leopards – D’Leau Coco

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Have a nice Sunday, see you on next Wednesday for another musical (re)discovery !

Armand de Preseau

Armand de Preseau – Three Versions of “D’leau Coco” (Martinique / Guadeloupe / Cape Verde)

Hello my friends,
Today a special selection with three (yes, ONLY three !) songs, the original one and two covers of the famous tropical anthem “D’leau Coco”, written by Albert Nadeau, a member of the band “Les Leopards de St Pierre”.
This song was originally released in 1972 by the band “Les Leopards de St Pierre”, from La Martinique, a raw tumbele biguine track.
Les Leopards de Saint Pierre – D’leau Coco
It was covered a bit later by Georges Plonquitte and his band, from La Guadeloupe, with a cool Jazz feeling and some good piano solos.
Georges Plonquitte – D’leau Coco
The Os Apolos”, a Cape Verdian band, also covered this song, in a raw tropical way !
Os Apolos – D’leau Coco
Which one is your favourite ? Do you know other versions ?
All the best,