L'Incomparable Vata Mombasa – Mon Fils

( Democratic Republic Of Congo , 1982 , Production Vata Mombasa )

posted on 16 / 08 / 2023

For today, I wanted to share with you “Mon Fils“, a deep spiritual syncopated Afro Soul track with funky Soukous flavors, taken from the 2nd album recorded in 1982 in the city of Lomé (Togo) by the Congolese (former Zaïre) composer & guitarist Vata Diantima (better kwown as “Vata Mombasa”), former member of the mythical band “Orchestre Lipua Lipua“.

The album presented here features great musicians from the band “Orchestre Niamou Niamou” such as : Assi Kapela, André “Ya Zorro” Lumingu, Jean-Marie Kabongo Wetu, Danielle “Daniela” Loko, Anani & Kanyama “Ringo” Moya Lotula.

To notice : I decided to edit the track to share only its first part, my favorite (it turns from the middle into a completely different tune, straight soukous one) – Enjoy !

L’Incomparable Vata Mombasa – Mon Fils (Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1982, Production Vata Mombasa)

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