Gerard “PJ” Browne & G.I.’s Brass International – Sexy Lady

( St Kitts & Nevis , 1980 , PJAY Records )

posted on 08 / 10 / 2023

For today, I wanted to share with you “Sexy Lady“, an astonishing Caribbean Boogie Disco Funk Soca track with catchy synth & horn parts, taken from the now ultra hard to find first recording (1980 in San Juan, Puerto Rico) of the composer & musician Gerard “PJ” Browne from St Kitts & Nevis islands (in the Caribbean Sea), member of the band G.I.’s Brass International.

This album, out at the time on very small promotional quantities, features :

Gerard “PJ” Browne ;

Lenford Hamilton ;

Kenrick Williams ;

Kenrick Georges ;

and musicians of the GI’s Brass International band.

Instant tropical club anthem that will rock any dance floor, hope you’ll like it – Enjoy !

Gerard “PJ” Browne & G.I.’s Brass International – Sexy Lady (St Kitts & Nevis, 1980, PJAY Records)

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Have a nice Wednesday, see you on next Sunday for another musical (re)discovery !

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