Ahmed Malek – Omar Gatlato (Version Télé Ciné Club)

( Algeria , 1978 , Ministere de l'Information et de la Culture Algérienne )

posted on 28 / 03 / 2020

Ahmed Malek, born in 1931 in Bordj El Kiffan (Algeria) was one of the most prolific Algerian musician and movie score composer.
He composed soundtracks for a dozen and dozen of movies (Les Vacances de l’Inspecteur Tahar, Omar Gatlato, Aziza..), National TV & Radio shows and documentaries.
He died in 2008 in Algiers.
For today, I wanted to share with you “Omar Gatlato“, one of my favourite track from him, a melancholic Bossa Nova Jazz theme composed in 1976 for the movie “Omar Gatlato“, directed by the film maker Merzak Allouache.
You’ll understand why Ahmed Malek was nicknammed “The Algerian Ennio Morricone” – Enjoy !

Ahmed Malek – Omar Gatlato (Version Télé Ciné Club)

You can also listen to this song on my Youtube channel here : https://youtu.be/8KB1vbPsekE

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