The Funkees – Ole

( Nigeria , 1979 , Grandstar Records )

posted on 06 / 03 / 2024

For today, I wanted to share with you “Ole“, a 70s psychedelic Afro Rock Funk with Afrobeat flavors, taken from “Dancing In The Nude” the first album of the mythical Nigerian band “The Funkees“, initially recorded in 1974 in London, and repressed in 1979 (the version presented here).

Originating as an army band after the Nigerian Civil War (Biafran War), it contributed to the outpouring of upbeat music produced by young people in Nigeria in response to the darkness of the recently concluded civil conflict.

The band was composed with :

– Lead Vocals, Percussion : Mohammed Ahidjo ;

– Guitar [Lead], Organ, Piano, Vocals, Percussion [Miscellaneous] : Jake Sollo ;

– Guitar [2nd], Vocals, Percussion [Miscellaneous] : Harry Mosco ;

– Bongos, Percussion : Roli Paterson ;

– Congas, Vocals : Sonny Akpabio ;

– Drums, Vocals : Chyke Madu ;

– Electric Bass [Fender], Vocals, Percussion : Danny Heibs ;

Killer album from start to finish, hope you’ll enjoy it !

The Funkees – Ole (Nigeria, 1979, Grandstar Records)

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