Michel Boyibanda & L'Orchestre OK Jazz – Ven Y Ven Y Ven

( Democratic Republic Of Congo , 1970's , Pathé Marconi )

posted on 21 / 05 / 2023

Following this previous post, I wanted to share with you for today “Ven Y Ven Y Ven“, a timeless standard of the latin musical repertoire initially recorded in 1965 by the composer Johnny Pacheco (Dominican Republic), and covered here in a killer sweet top notch Afro Latin Salsa version, recorded in the 70s by the Congolese (former Zaïre) composer & singer Michel Boyibanda and backed by the mythical orchestra “OK Jazz” founded by the legendary François “Franco” Luambo Makiadi.

Cherry on the cake : this gorgeous cover art album – Enjoy !

Michel Boyibanda & L’Orchestre OK Jazz – Ven Y Ven Y Ven (Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1970s, Pathé Marconi)

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Have a nice Sunday, see you on next Wednesday for another musical (re)discovery !

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