Franco & L'Orchestre OK Jazz – Sabina El Kwamy

( Democratic Republic Of Congo , 1964 , African )

posted on 04 / 09 / 2022

For today, I wanted to share with you “Sabina El Kwamy“, a magnificent melancholic Congolese Afro Latin Bolero Jazz Slow track, recorded in the early 70s by the legendary Congolese musician François “Franco” Luambo Makiadi and his mythical band OK Jazz, and issued in 1964 on the present compilation.

The OK Jazz Orchestra was comprised at that time by :

Guitar & lead vocals : François “Franco” Luambo Makiadi ;

Vocals : Joseph “Mujos” Mulamba & Jean “Kwami” Munsi ;

Rhythm Guitar : Lutumba “Simarro” Ndomanueno ;

Bass : Tshiamala “Piccolo” ;

Saxophone : Isaac Musekiwa (tenor) & Albino Kalombo (alto) ;

Drums (Tumba) : Bosuma “Dessoir”.

Franco & L’Orchestre OK Jazz – Sabina El Kwamy

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