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Omar Khorshid – Laylet Hob (Egypt, 1974, Voice Of Lebanon)

For today, I wanted to share with you “Laylet Hob“, the all-time middle eastern classic song composed by the legendary Egyptian composer Mohamed Abdel Wahab, reinterpreted here in an outstanding psychedelic oriental surf way by another legend, the Egyptian guitar hero Omar Khorshid – Enjoy !

Omar Khorshid – Laylet Hob

You can also listen to this song on my Youtube Channel here : https://youtu.be/Awkoi9Vn5OE

Have a nice Wednesday, see you on next Sunday for another musical (re)discovery !

Armand de Preseau

ADP031 – A Night At Ammar El Sheriyi’s Mansion (meeting with the legendary Egyptian blind organist)

For my 31th selection, I decided to make you travel into the Egypt of the 70’s, with a very special tribute to Ammar El Sheriyi, a blind organist famous for the covers he made of songs from legendary Egyptian musicians, such as Abdel Halim Hafez or Mohammed Abdel Wahab.
Hope you’ll like it, don’t hesitate to leave some comments !!
Armand de Preseau – A Night At Ammar El Sheriyi’s Mansion
You can download this new selection right here !
Tracklist :
1 – Gafnoho
2 – Heya Di Heya
3 – Eldonya Helwa
4 – Day El Kanadil
5 – Eh Zambi
See you very very soon,