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Firmin Viry – Ti Crie A Moin Anin (Reunion, 1970s, Disques Issa)

For today, I wanted to share with you “Ti Crie A Moin Anin“, a incredible deep Folk Jazz Maloya track, one of the major musical genre from Reunion island in the Indian Ocean (with Sega music), that blends together musical roots from France & former slave chants from several African countries such as Zimbabwe (where “Maloya” could be translated by “great sorcerer“), Mozambique (where it could be translated by “incantation“) and Madagascar (where “Maloy Aho” could be translated by “to hurl“).

Prohibited at the end of the 50s by the French administrators of the island, this genre was officially authorized once again in the late 70s, and is listed by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2009.

The song presented here was recorded in the 70s by Firmin Viry, one of the masters of the genre, and is my favorite from him – Enjoy !

Firmin Viry – Ti Crie A Moin Anin

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Have a nice Sunday, see you on next Wednesday for another musical (re)discovery !

Armand de Preseau

ADP034 – Lot Koté Loséan (A Deep Trip Into The Sega And Maloya Poetry From Réunion Island

Hello Everyone !

For this time, come aboard and travel with me for a one hour musical trip into the Indian Ocean, exploring rhythms from Réunion Island.

Close your eyes, leave yourself to the sound of Segas, go deeper and lose yourself into the Poetry of Maloya ..

Armand de Preseau – Lot Koté Loséan

You can download the selection here !

Tracklisting :

1 – Firmin Viry – Maloya Na Pa, Nou La Fe (Intro)

2 – Ravan’ – L’Espoir

3 – Ziskakan – Karyol Bourik

4 – Cormoran Group – O Te

5 – Ramone – Soul Regue Prisonnier

6 – Claudio et Les Satanik – Rend Mo Lalliance

7 – Les Pop Experience – Vive L’Amour (Live Version At The Meridien Hotel)

8 – Julien Trenoule – Mon Die Quocaou Moin La Fe

9 – Michou – Maloya Ton Tisane

10 – Herve – Mele Mele Pas Toue P’tit Pierre

11 – Ziskakan – Pei Bato

12 – Troupe Gaston Hoareau – Mon Patrie Mon Bouce Manze

13 – Alain Peters – Caloubadia

14 – Jacqueline Farreyrol – Empare Maloya

15 – Carrousel – Ote Maloya

Have a really nice sunday evening,


The cover of this selection is a tribute to the cover of  the album “Pei Bato Fou” from the band Ziskakan