The Jets – With Love Everything Is Easy

( Nigeria , 1976 , Anodisc )

posted on 06 / 03 / 2024

For today, I wanted to share with you “With Love Everything Is Easy“, a killer Psychedelic 70s Afro Soul Funk track with mind-blowing synth & fuzzy guitars, taken from the only album recorded in 1976 by the Nigerian band “The Jets” on the legendary record label “Anodisc Records“, leaded and composed by Maxcy Chuku and that was composed with :

– Macxy Ludwig (Lead Vocals, Tambourine, Percussion, Tom Tom) ;

– Jimi Henshaw (Bass Guitar & Multi Bass, Backing Vocals) ;

– Simeon “Sim” Anaba (Congas, Bongos, Gong, Bells, Backing Vocals) ;

– Charlie Eze (Drums, Percussion, Bongos) ;

– Beni “Ben” Tudumey (Keyboards, Synthesizer, Piano, Backing Vocals) ;

– Ken Okogbue (Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Pedalboard) ;

Really hard to find album in the same vein as the Nigerian band “Black Children Sledge Funk Band“, hope you’ll like it !

The Jets – With Love Everything Is Easy (Nigeria, 1976, Anodisc Records)

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