Honore Avolonto – Avi Yaman Houe (Benin, 1970s, Aux Ecoutes)

Following to this former post, I wanted to share with you for today “Avi Yaman Houe“, an irresistible catchy dance floor winner syncopated Afro Funk Sato track with killer horns recorded in the 70s on the famous “L. A. Aux Ecoutes” label by the legendary Beninese musician Honore Avolonto, who used to be part of mythical bands from that country such as the almighty “Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou” or “Orchestre Black Santiago” – Enjoy !

Honore Avolonto – Avi Yaman Houe

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El Rego et son Ensemble Typique – E Ma Non Tin Me (Benin, 1960s, Impressions Sonores du Benin)

Following to that former post, I wanted to share with you for today “E Ma Non Tin Me“, a bewitching slow Voodoo Folk Soul track taken from the very first recording ever from the Beninese legendary club owner, boxer, singer & musician Théophile Do Rego, better known as El Rego – Enjoy !

El Rego et son Ensemble Typique – E Ma Non Tin Me

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Dossia Dassaboute – Le Message (Benin, 1970, Disques Tropiques)

Composed in 1970 in one night only, “Le Message” is the first song from Dossia Pierre Dassaboute, one of my favourite Beninese musician, acoustic guitar player, politician and writter.

This song comes from one of the earlier records of the “Disques Tropiques” record label from Benin.

At the time, Dossia wrote this track for his ex girlfriend, “Aminata”, who was cheating on him.
This song became his most popular song, and Dossia released after that two albums, one in 2004 and another one in 2012.
Dossia Dassaboute – Le Message
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ADP019 – Voodoo In Cotonou (Anos Band de Parakou, Black Santiago, Vincent Ahehehinnou, Poly Rythmo..)

Happy 2014 to everyone, I wish you the best for this new year !!!!
Sincerely sorry for the delay, been reaaaally busy those days, preparing some good surprises for you my dear readers but.. it’s a secret !
Let’s begin 2014 with a brand new 7 inches selection from the beautiful country of Bénin, hope you’ll enjoy those little treasures taken from my collection that I’ve cleaned, selected and masterized just for you !
The next selection will come quick ! (I hope..)
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Armand de Préseau – Voodoo In Cotonou

You can download this Selection here !

Tracklist :

1 – Ignace de Souza et L’Orchestre Black Santiago – Paulina
2 – Orchestre Blacks Dragons de Cotonou – Se Djro
3 – Vincent Ahehehinnou – Kourougninda Wende
4 – Orchestre Anos Band de Parakou – Alassane Koda Maradi
5 – Orchestre Blacks Dragons de Cotonou – E Sa F’aiye
6 – Gnonnas Pedro y sus panchos de Cotonou – L’indomptable Gnonnas Pop
7 – Orchestre Anos band de Parakou – boro non andou nan
8 –  D’almeida Blucky et L’orchestre Black Santiago – Les Nanes
9 – Melome Clement Et L’Orchestre Poly Rythmo – La Fin De L’Ete
10 – El Rego – Divogny Din Ton Le

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