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Lord Cobra And Panafro – Colon Colon (Panama, 1979, Tamayo)


For today, I wanted to share with you “Colon Colon“, a gorgeous melancholic Tropical Latin Calypso Soul track with sweet Island Reggae flavors & bewitching guitar parts, recorded on the 30 of November 1970 by the mythical Panamanian producer, composer & musician Wilfred Methusiel Berry Gonin better known as “Lord Cobra“, one of the most important calypsonians, not only in Panama but throughout the Caribbean, standing out as a troubadour and as a composer.

Among dozens of pieces he composed, we can mention “Banana”, “The Man with the Big Suitcase” and the famous “Baptism”.

This track (my favorite from this artist by far !) was released on the mythical owned by the legendary producer Rodrigo De Jesús Escobar Tamayo – Hope you’ll like it, enjoy !

Lord Cobra And Panafro – Colon Colon (Panama, 1979, Tamayo)

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