Eugène Mona – 1700 (Martinique, 1975, Hit Parade)

For today, I wanted to share with you “1700“, an excellent west indian spiritual soul jazz track with a groove from the Martinican flute Master Georges Nilecam, better known as Eugene Mona – Enjoy !

Eugene Mona – 1700

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Francisco – Biguine Lélé (Martinique, 1970s, Hit Parade)

Following to this post, I wanted to share with you for today “Biguine Lélé“, another great track from the Master Frantz-Charles “Francisco” Denis, an awesome blend of syncopated Biguine, Jazz, Creole and Latin influenced sound with awesome piano arrangements – Enjoy !

Francisco – Biguine Lélé 

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Mantra – Baile Mi Hermano (Martinique, 1970s, Hit Parade)

Mantra was a quite obscure band from the city of Fort-de-France (Martinique, in the French West Indies) that released only one album in the late 70s.

The band was composed by :

Julian Martin (Piano, organ, guitar)
Anison Rabess (Bass, vocals)
David Laville (2nd guitar)
Algernon Rabess (Guitar, vocals)
Alex Larocque (Drums, vocals)
Janet Azzouz (Vocals)
Archie James (Trumpet)
Leon Knibbs (Percussion)

I wanted to make you rediscover today “Baile Mi Hermano“, an incredible and irresistible West Indian Guaguanco track, one of my favorite of the genre – Enjoy !!!

Mantra – Baile Mi Hermano

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Barrel Coppet and Mister Lof – Rhum et Coutelas (Martinique, 1972, Hit Parade)

Anatole “Barrel” Coppet (a saxophone player) and Romuld “Mister” Lof (a singer) were two musicians from Martinique who used to play in the Antilles and in France from the 50’s.

They recorded several album together with great names of the French Caribbean Jazz scene back in the days (as Alain Jean-Marie, who play the piano on this album), and a few singles.

I decided to present you “Rhum et Coutelas”, a sweet jazzy biguine song taken from their first album recorded in 1972 on the great Hit Parade label – enjoy !

Barrel Coppet Mister Lof – Rhum et Coutelas

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