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Fair-Nick Stars – Arrete Mal Pale (Guadeloupe, 1978, Capriccio)

For today, I wanted to share with you “Arrete Mal Pale“, an instant dance floor friendly and now classic furious Island Funk Cadence Soul track from the French West Indies, taken from the first album recorded in 1978 by Fair-Nick Stars, the band founded in 1974 by Monique & Guy Fanfant (a very well-known Guadeloupean family of musicians), and composed by musicians from Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guyana, such as (for the album presented here) :

Lead Guitar : Max Labor ;

Bass Guitar : Jean-Pierre Misaine ;

Drums, Cowbell & Cymbal : Charles Fanfant ;

Piano & Organ : Ralph Victoire ;

Saxophone : Victor René-Corail ;

Trumpet : Guy René-Corail ;

Vocals : Edwige Rechal ;

Xylophone, Congas & Percussions : Guy Fanfant ;

Chorus : Monique & Veronique Fanfant ;

Fair-Nick Stars – Arrete Mal Pale

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Josy Mass – Mimile (Guyana, 1984, Self-Released)

For today, I wanted to share with you “Mimile“, a very beautiful Spiritual Biguine Mazurka Island Jazz track with a Bossa Nova twist, taken from a privately released & very hard to find album recorded in 1984 by the French Guyana native singer & poetess Josy Masse – look at this gorgeous cover art !

This song was initially recorded in the early 70s s by the Guadeloupean (French West Indies) Jazz composer Franck Valmont, really can’t decide which one is my favorite version so.. maybe I’ll share it with you in the future if you want me too – Enjoy !

Josy Mass – Mimile

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Dany Play – Le Noir (Guyana, 1970s, Disques Dan’s)

To close this sunday, a track from Dany “Play” Sinai, a famous musician from Guyana who recorded several albums and singles from the 60’s.
“Le Noir” – the track presented here – is taken from a very obscure and very hard to find compilation out on the 70’s on a private label and recorded in one session in the Eldorado cinema (Cayenne, Guyana).
Dany Sinai is still active today in the musical fields, owns the “Polina” nightclub (Matoury, Guyana) and also a haulage firm.
Dany Play – Le Noir
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