Homzy Trio Group – Rossanah Nwere Obi Nwayo (Nigeria, 1981, Homzy Records)

For today, I wanted to share with you “Rossanah Nwere Obi Nwayo“, a deep spiritual Afro Soul track with Afrobeat flavours, driven by the holy voice of the nigerian Diva Nelly Uchendu, and recorded in 1981 by the studio band of the very well known nigerian recording label “Homzy Records” in order to promote and support the Green Eagles, Nigeria’s national soccer team – Enjoy !

Homzy Trio Group – Rossanah Nwere Obi Nwayo

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Jay U Experience – Baby Rock (Nigeria, 1978, Emi Nigeria)

Justus “Jay U” Nnakwe is a musician native of the city of Enugu (Nigeria), who played and recorded a few singles with several rock band back in the 70’s, as the mighty Hygrades or P.R.O (People Rock Outfit).

Fan of European and American Heavy Metal and Rock artists such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin, Justus was really involved into this kind of sound at the time and tried to establish a “Nigerian Heavy Metal music scene”.

The principal result is the awesome album I wanted to present you here, “Enough Is Enough“, his one and only solo album released in 1978 on the mythical “Emi Nigeria” record label, a one of its kind mixture of reggae, jazzy afrobeat and heavy psych rock.

“Baby Rock”, the track selected here, is a devastating Heavy Afro Metal Rock track, with powerful vocals, devilish fuzzy guitar riffs and catchy organ parts – Enjoy !

Jay U Experience – Baby Rock

You can also listen to this track on my Youtube channel here : https://youtu.be/K7IEWZfunQ0

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