Agbo Bruno Vikass – Ganvie (Togo, 1980s, Les Editions A.B.V.)

To begin this new year, I wanted to share with you “Ganvie“, a super obscure deep laid back mid tempo afro synth minimal electro tune recorded in the early 80s by the Togolese musician “Agbo Bruno Vikass” – Enjoy !

Agbo Bruno Vikass – Ganvie

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Armand de Preseau

Sissi Massila – Salif (Instrumental) (Togo, 1970s, Inter-Disque Fazao)

Sissi Massila was a singer from Togo who released one and only super obscure album in the late 70’s, produced by the great Togolese musician Mamo Lagbema.

I decided to make you discover the instrumental version of her track “Salif”, a deep track with haunting synths, guitar and saxophone parts – enjoy !

Sissi Massila – Salif (Instrumental)

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Itadi – Ayala (Togo, 1977, Sonafric)

Itadi K. Bonney was a singer and guitarist, born in Anonoe village (Togo) in 1948.

This track, Ayala, is a pure gem of afrosoul, taken from his first album, recorded live in Ghana in 1977.

In the early 1990’s, he has to flee Togo for the United States because of a song he recorded, “Mayi Africa”, that was against the political situation in Togo.

He recorded there several albums on his own record label “Bonney I. Productions”, and toured in the United States, West Africa and Europe.

He died in 2013 in Washington DC.

Itadi – Ayala

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