Toni Frangieh & Setrak Sarkissian – Azef El Leyl (Lebanon, 1977, EMI Voix De L’Orient)

For today, I wanted to share with you “Azef El Leyl“, a magical psychedelic slow surf instrumental belly dance track recorded in the late 70s by the Lebanese duo Toni Frangieh & Setrak Sarkissian – Enjoy !

Toni Frangieh & Setrak Sarkissian – Azef El Leyl

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Have a nice Wednesday, see you on next Sunday for another musical (re)discovery !

Armand de Preseau

Munir Bachir – Fouk Ennakhl (Iraq, 1974, Pathe Marconi)

Munir Bachir was an Iraqi musician, native of the city of Mossoul.

He began the Aoud (6 strings lute from Iraq) play at 5 years old and became teacher of this instrument at the Musical School of Bagdad at 15 years old.

He militate all his life in favor of the recognition of the Aoud in the Middle East, considering it as a more advanced musical instrument than the mandolin or the sitar.

He toured a lot in Europe (France, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany..)  before going back in Orient in the 70s, and recorded a many albums.

The song I wanted to present you today, “Fouk Ennakhl“, is a perfect crossover of Oriental and Occidental musical influences with sweets melancholic piano and violin parts that remind the recordings of the famous Rahbani Brothers from Lebanon – Enjoy !!

Munir Bachir – Fouk Ennakhl

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