René Lacaille – Take Five (La Réunion, 1990, Creole Electric Music)

For today, I wanted to share with you a cover of “Take Five“, the very well known #Jazz classic standard, reinterpreted here in  a very interesting psychedelic creole way by the guitarist René Lacaille from La Réunion (Indian Ocean) – Enjoy !

René Lacaille – Take Five

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Troupe Gaston Hoareau – Mon Patrie Mon Boucé Manzé (La Reunion, 1976, P.C.R.)

The song presented here, “Mon Patrie Mon Boucé Manzé”, is a beautiful Deep and Raw Maloya track, a musical genre that mixes together traditionnal rhythms, Poetry and political Creole claims that was forbidden by the authorities in the island until 1981.

It that was one the first recordings from Daniel Hoareau (Or Danyèl Waro in Creole langage), one of the most famous musicians from La Reunion, who is still active nowadays, and it was recorded during the 4th congress of the Communist Political Party from Reunion Island in 1976 – Enjoy !

Troupe Gaston Hoareau – Mon Patrie Mon Boucé Manzé

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