Guelewars Band Of Banjul – Tasito (Gambia, 1980, Le Kiosque D’Orphee)

For today, I wanted to share with you “Tasito” (“Wake Up”), an outstanding Afro Psychedelic Fuzz track taken from the first album of the Gambian band Guelewars, illustrated by a splendid cover art from the senegalese painter Djibathen Sambou – Enjoy !

Guelewars Band Of Banjul – Tasito

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Have a nice sunday, see you on next wednesday !

Armand de Preseau

Mohamed Abdelwahab – Alqafila (Egypt, 1974, Cairophon, LPCXG 111)

Today, I decided to make you rediscover “Alqafila“, a particular song in the oriental catalogue of the Egyptian 20th century legend Mohamed Abdelwahab that doesn’t sounds like his other tracks, a beautiful orchestral track with magnificent violin, organ and oud parts – Enjoy !!

Mohamed Abdelwahab – Alqafila

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