Elie “Lili” Boniche – Ana Fi El Houb (Algeria, 1960s, Dounia) / ليلي بونيش – أنا في الحب

For today, I wanted to share with you “Ana Fi El Houb” (“أنا في الحب”) (“I’m in love“), a splendid & melancholic Oriental Arabic Latin Bolero Jazz track, cover of the all-time classic « Historia De Un Amor », recorded in 1955 by the Panamanian artist Carlos Almaran.

The version presented here was reinterprated in the early 60s by Elie “Lili” Boniche (ليلي بونيش), the legendary Algerian composer & singer of Andalusian-Arab music on the famous Parisian record label Dounia (دنياء) – Enjoy !

Lili “Elie” Boniche – Ana Fi El Houb (ليلي بونيش – أنا في الحب)

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Armand de Preseau